Jabra Sport Pace
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Jabra Sport Pace

Wireless sports headphones with superior sound and a secure fit.

Jabra Sport Life app

Jabra Sport Pace is more than just music motivation; it’s a training guide.

The integrated training app, Jabra Sport Life app, gives you motivational training tips and lets you plan, monitor and evaluate your training.


Plan your workout

Set personal goals based on distance, time, or calories burned.

You can select a target pace or set up interval training. The app will keep you updated with audio read-outs.


Track your workout

Make the most out of each session with real-time audio read-outs.

You get automatic read-outs at specified time and distance intervals. You can also hit the button on the left earbud to get instant updates at any time.


Evaluate your workout

Record key stats such as time, pace, distance, and calories burned and see your route on a map.

A comprehensive work-out history and achievements page put your work-out data instantly at your fingertips.

Fitness tests

Measure your fitness levels

Jabra Sport Pace allows you to perform a fitness test, indoors or outdoors. All you have to do is run as far as possible in 12 minutes.


Jabra Sport Pace

Wireless sports earbuds with premium sound, secure fit and integrated training app to enhance any sport.
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