Read the full firmware release note for the Jabra Elite Sport here.

Download the Jabra Sport Life app to update your Jabra Elite Sport:

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Firmware release version: 3.8.0
Release date: 
15 March, 2017


New features:

·         When adjusting volume on the smartphone to the lowest level, Jabra Elite Sport will no longer mute the earbud speakers. Use local mute on the smartphone instead.

·         Added the option to turn off HearThrough (Side-tone) for calls.

o    When not on an active call, simultaneously press and hold (1 second) the Multi-function button and the Sports button and then release. The LED light flashes green.

o    To turn on again, repeat the previous step.

o    Note: if factory resetting the earbuds, HearThrough (Side-tone) will be enabled again in a call.

Improvements and fixes

·         Fixed the “0004” issue on the Chinese language version.

·         Fixed an issue where sometimes the phone number was announced, even though the number was associated with a contact name.

·         Fixed the issue on the Chinese language version where in some cases, both contact name and phone number were announced.

·         Minor improvements to the DSP and audio.

·         Minor bug fixes

·         Fixed a bug when switching between paired devices.


Note: When the earbuds automatically upload the latest firmware to the earbuds, the audio may sound muffled/cut up for a time period of 3-5 minutes.
After this period Jabra Sport Life app will prompt you to activate the firmware update itself.

Please allow the firmware update to complete which can take up to 15 minutes, which is indicated by the LEDs flashing purple. During the firmware update, please avoid opening the charging case until at least 10 seconds after it stopped flashing purple. In case the LEDs do not stop flashing after 15 minutes, then open the lid of the charging case and close it again.

We recommend updating to the latest firmware for the best experience with your Jabra Elite Sport.

Download the Jabra Sport Life app to update your Jabra Elite Sport.

Download here:

App Store Click here

Google Play Click here



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